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City Seasons Hotel, 2 27th St - Port Saeed, Dubai, UAE

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About City

Dubai, an emirate and metropolis in the United Arab Emirates, is well known for its upscale shopping, cutting-edge design, and exciting nightlife. The most advanced and modern emirate in the United Arab Emirates, the metropolis has the air of an independent city-state and is seeing rapid expansion in the commercial and tourism sectors. It swiftly became popular and one of the most visited cities in the world. Dubai was ranked as the seventh-safest city in the world in 2019 and has one of the lowest crime rates worldwide. 

The vacation capital of the United Arab Emirates is Dubai. This city of skyscrapers and malls has transformed from a desert outpost to a popular vacation spot where visitors swarm for great deals, warm weather, and family-friendly activities. The Burj Khalifa and shopping centers with enormous aquariums are two of Dubai's best-known tourist destinations. 

We will soon understand there is more to the current metropolis than its glossy exterior as we take a stroll around the Al Fahidi neighborhood, and you will see the old Dubai. 

Whether you spend a day or a week in Dubai, you'll be left wanting to come back and discover this enchanted city even more. 

Dubai has a particularly hot environment because it is located in the middle of the Arabian Desert. With highs of 40 °C, Dubai's summers are swelteringly hot, muggy, and windy. The average high temperature during the winter months is 24 °C, which is pleasant and warm. 

Tourist Attractions

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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

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