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Paul T E Cusack

Independent Researcher, Canada

Title: LSD, Caffeine, and Cholera; Possible causes of Schizophrenia


Sz hospitalization is on the rise for young men. There is a link between caffeine and calcium absorption. Calcium is necessary for a healthy nervous system. In this brief paper, I show that the cause of Sz increase among young men may be because of the dramatic increase in caffeine intake (Coffee) among that group. In addition, the use of hallucinogens (LSD) among young men may be the sole explanation for the rise in Sz among that group. We also examine the connection between cholera and Schizophrenia. In this paper, we suggest possible causes of Sz that may warrant closer examination by researchers.


Paul T E Cusack was born on February 11, 1967 to parents Donald T and Eileen T (LeClair) Cusack in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He studied at St. Peter’s Catholic School and St. Malachy’s Catholic School graduating with a High Honours Diploma. After a brief stint at the University of Waterloo in Mechanical Engineering, he went on to study Civil Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in Saint John and Fredericton.  He graduated with a second-class honors degree in Civil Engineering in 1991. He went on to work as a Project Manager of large building construction projects in Ontario and obtained his professional licence in Engineering. After four years, there, he returned to the Maritimes and began studying human biology and the Bible. Next, he obtained a diploma in Urban Land Economics from the University of British Columbia graduating in 2005. He studied business informally including the MBA, CFA and Finance. Next, he wrote and self-published 37 titles at in a variety of subjects.  He published 17 blogs including one 4697 page one on Astrotheology- later made into a series of books. He also published several papers in Economics and in Human Biology, including “Sz and Its Cause”. In May 2016, he began publishing his papers ending on June 145, 2017 - 117 papers in all.  He is not married and has no children. His research interests expand to include every field in which universities teach. He believes a broad education is superior to a narrow one. His life motto are “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade” and “Make no small plans for they have no spark to ignite the heart of Man.”