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Eleonora Aslibekovna Manvelyan

Eleonora Aslibekovna Manvelyan

North Caucasus Federal University, Russia

Title: Efficiency of psychopharmaco therapy and probability of adverse reactions in depressive disorders in ethnic populations of the Stavropol region


The medical documentation of 320 Slavs, Armenians, Nogais, Karachais, Turkmens (46.9% of men and 53.1% of women aged 18–55 years) with depressive disorder was studied. Pharmacotherapy was most effective in Armenians, less effective in decreasing order among Karachays, Nogays, Turkmens, Slavs. Adverse reactions were more often observed in the groups of Armenians and Nogais, less frequently in decreasing order in the groups of Karachays, Turkmens, most rarely in the group of Slavs.
Keywords: effectiveness of psychopharmacotherapy, side effects, depressive disorder, psychotropic drugs, ethnic groups


Manvelyan Eleonora Aslibekovna defended her doctoral thesis "Sexual dissimilation of the effects of psychotropic drugs" (14.00.25. - pharmacology, cynic pharmacology) at the age of 45 at the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Academy, Russia. In 1997, at the Pyatigorsk State Pharmaceutical Institute, she defended her Ph.D. thesis “The role of epiphyseal mechanisms in the implementation of the specific psychotropic activity of benzodiazepine tranquilizers” (14.00.25. - Pharmacology).
She is a Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Drug Technology of the Faculty of Chemical Pharmaceutics of the Federal State Autonomous University of Higher Education "North Caucasus Federal University", Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Russia. He has the academic title of Associate Professor in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology.
She has more than 230 publications that have been cited more than 540 times, and her publication index is h-13. Manvelyan E.A., with the stamp of the Educational and Methodological Council for Classical University Education.
Under the leadership of Manvelyan E.A. scientific research was carried out under the Federal grant program "UMNIK": "Pharmacological study of biologically active compounds - derivatives of 4-oxo-pyrimidine" (2012-2013); "Development of new drugs based on quinazolinone-4 derivatives with neurotrophic activity" (2018-2020).
Under her supervision, 2 Ph.D. theses were defended. Manvelyan E.A. The Russian professorial meeting was awarded the title of laureate of the national award "Professor of the Year" 2021 in the nomination "Pharmaceutical Sciences", was awarded the medal "Professor of the Year 2021".